The right branding can save your business

By Julie Sohi, Creative Lead

What branding means and how branding works is something people who arenew in this business think of a lot. The essence of branding is to make the company and its products stand out from the crowd among consumers.


A big part of branding is the logo of your product and the way your customers will connect to it.


In these days of social media, everybody can be a brand because new ways of marketing have opened up. That is why influencers are such a big deal because they help strengthen and promote brands. Even political parties, cities, nations, sports and entertainment starsare creating a markedly branded profile. All this goes on in the battle for theattention of the outside world.


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Are branding and marketing the same thing?

They’re related but not the samething. Branding is a marketing concept.It is the company's uniqueness that will 'burn' into the consumer'sconsciousness. Through branding, the company can mark a distinctive quality ofitself and its products and that’s why branding is important. However, branding isaimed not only at consumers, but also at partners and the company's ownemployees. In 2020, the most valuable brands were the American Amazon, Googleand Apple.


Branding is a marketing concept and is often seen togetherwith marketing strategies.

Branding is a marketing concept and is often seen togetherwith marketing strategies.


Brandingfor small businesses

Branding without a logo and branding without social mediais something you should avoid - especially when it comes to small business.Working onawareness around your business is some of the most important areas when youwant to gain clients. In our creative team of designers, our goal is to makeyour brand vibrate and interact with your customers which is why branding isimportant in marketing. Stepfront helps you with logos, elements, fontsand colors that will help your customers remember your business. Hooking upwith a team of graphic designers and marketing specialists is the best way ofgetting started in branding so go ahead andcontinue in the world of branding.


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