Why Good Content Matters

By Julie Sohi, Creative Lead. May 18th 2022

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In these hectic days when social media has taken over our lives and way of seeing the world, it is so important to consider in what ways your company is different from ‘the rest of them’ and how you can find and communicate to your target audience in the right ways. Good content is a very important factor and the correct content customized to your target audience means a lot if you want to get in touch and communicate with the audience. Read about how to find your target audience and how content will help your business.

Your target audience and how to find it

First of all, think of your target audience. What kind of people are they? What do they like? What do they need? And how can you help them? You might help them with something they don’t even know they need. Try brainstorming and see what interesting words and angles on the subject you'll find. Already now, you’re able to answer some of the above questions.

Let’s try to think about how we make the best communication and how to actually reach the ones we’re aiming towards. Maybe you’re selling beauty products? Or maybe you’re a carpenter? Or running a hair salon? Let’s try going with the beauty products. If we look at statistics , it’s obvious that younger women will be more likely to be the target audience. They seem to shop beauty products more than any other consumers and they mostly do it online . Beauty products make up the second-largest product category for engagement across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It seems like the German beauty market is the largest in Europe, so you now know that young, female Germans seem to be your target audience and you should catch them online. 

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The importance of knowing your target audience is essential to your success.

What is good content?

So now what? Well, this is where good content comes into the picture. In order to achieve good content, you need to know how you want to communicate to your target audience. You need an understanding of your customer’s needs and how to provide them with your customized, good content.

Good content:

●   Is unique and original

●   Answers questions and includes a call-to-action

●   Provides the correct sources when needed

●   Is grammatically correct  

●   Is appealing to the target audience

●   Offers insights and information.

●   Is suited to the chosen platform

●   Communicates clearly and customized to the audience

It’s important to remember that the word ‘content’ covers many areas and not just one. Remember content can be both text, pictures, video, graphics, animations and sound and then there are all the sub categories such as blogs, video reels, illustrations, podcasts and many others. When you know your target audience, you’ll know what content to pick. If we go back to our example with the beauty industry, we’ll try reaching the German, young female buyers who are found on social media and you need to provide them with the best content in order to catch their attention. A study from February 2022 shows us that Youtube is the mostly used platform in Germany, followed by Whatsapp, so these would be recommended.

How to get going

Now we will recommend you getting a professional content creator since you need to know what kind of content to produce and actually get it done. A professional content creator will know what to do in your situation and help you achieve success. Back to our beauty product case - we want to go for YouTube and Whatsapp  which means we need video content, stills and short texts. We recommend you hiring a content creator and get product videos produced and introduction texts written by a professional and the only limit will be your imagination.



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