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Mobile app for city

Designing and building the best digital platform for business and consumer parking in Denmark. New identity and website made by Stepfront.

Building a parking experience matching the brand.

Plot Park is a parking platform that connects drivers who need parking with people who want to share their parking spaces.


Web Design




May, 2021

Concept development and app design for the new future.

Plot Park's parking app has made parking easier and faster for motorists. With Plot Park's parking app, drivers can find available parking spaces and start, stop or extend their parking as well as pay directly via mobile phone.

Evolving in an digital market.

As a parking community, Plot park, creates more parking spaces by making undiscovered spaces available to users who need parking.
More and better parking options mean less traffic, less pollution and less frustration.

Plot Park brings the parking sector into the digital age. It optimize and improve the use of your parking spaces - let others enjoy your parking spaces and earn money from parking. What Airbnb does for your home, Plot Park do for your parking lot.

In this process, as Stepfront, we supported Plot Park to reach more customers by using end-to-end mobile application development, integration, application and support services.

We built high-performance, secure, and intuitive mobile applications to provide the ultimate user experience, help Plot Park improve their conversion rates, and boost their customer loyalty.

See how we elevated the brand to match its true quality.

We manage the entire lifecycle of mobile app development, admin panels by providing UX/UI designs, best practices and support from our experts. In addition, we maintain the products we have developed throughout your business life for you.

We listened to Plot Park, understood their ideas and implemented it. We built brand according to their idea, integrated, customized and developed every feature to design the best possible app that best serves and appeals to Plot's missions.

We  still support Plot Park. We make the necessary updates and features for them. We implemented GPS and GIS capabilities into existing applications, enabling added location, navigation, tracking, mapping, and timing functionalities.

As a Result of process, Plot Park received over 30.000 users. We keep growing together!

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Graphic Design

We chose the simpliest and the most memorible elements for Plot Park's logo.
Remember! Most of the succesfull companies have simple and easily recognized logos.


Plot Park has reached thousands of users and continues to keep itself updated with us every year. They solved many parking problems in Copenhagen by creating more and cheaper parking spaces via private rental.


days to complete the project


increased membership sign ups


hours spent on ideation


daily parking bookings

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